Pepperstone was found to be the best forex broker based on spreads & features.
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Founded in 2010, Pepperstone is the fastest growing Australian forex broker.
They offer forex trading directly with liquidity markets with ‘no dealing desk’ resulting in:
– Fast trade execution speeds
– Lower spreads
– Reduced slippage

Other key advantages of the Australian forex broker is that they offer:
– Negative balance protection
– The world’s two most popular forex trading platforms
– 24/5 customer service

Why Does Pepperstone Have The Fastest Trade Executions?

As a ‘true ECN’ broker, Pepperstone allows Australian forex traders to directly make trades with currency pools including the leading bank systems. This is termed their ‘edge environment’ and with no dealer desk intervention it allows ultra-fast trade placements.

There are two key factors which make the brokers execution speeds up to 12x faster:

1) Optical Fibre From Australia To Wall Street
Pepperstone utilises an optical fibre network from Sydney to their New York equinox servers.
This ensures that Australian forex brokers don’t need to worry about the thousands of kilometers that information needs to travel in order for for a trade to be executed.
Up to 10x latency reductions result from this factor!

2) MetaTrader Master Server Setup

Pepperstone has partnered with Equinix, one of NASDAQ’s leading listed firms.Australian Forex Trading Servers
Equinix has setup servers near Wall Street and allows their forex traders to low-latency networks with the ability to exchange data with strategic partners that are close by.
Overall the Equinix NY4 facility has:
-60+ Exchanges
-400+ buy/sell firms
-150+ Financial Service Providers

There are two types of accounts with Pepperstone – Standard & Razor.

Standard Account
Standard accounts has no commission an spreads starting from 1.0pips.
It includes negative balance protection to help reduce Australian forex trader risk.

Razor Account
Razor accounts have a AU$3.5 commission on every $100k traded and is the most popular account option.
While commissions exist, the spreads in several cases are the lowest in Australia. Below shows the January 2016 spreads for Razor accounts as published on the Pepperstone site.


What Trading Platform Does Pepperstone Offer?

Pepperstone offers Australian forex traders with the widest range of platforms as you can view on the below comparison table.


The two most popular platforms they offer are:
– The worlds most popular forex platform
– Easy to use interface and order management tools
– Real-time charts, live quotes and in-depth news

– Direct access to inter-bank market depth and the ability to implement algorithmic based trading systems.
– An interface that can be personalised with pre-set & detachable charts.
– Extensive back testing facilities (seen in our cTrader review)

What Leverage Does Pepperstone Offer?

Pepperstone offer a leverage level of 500:1. This is one of the highest levels in the world with only a handful of other ASIC forex broker firms offering 500:1 levels (see our high leverage table on the navigation bar at the top of this website).


What Does 500:1 Leverage Actually Mean?

500:1 means that for every dollar deposited into a Pepperstone account the Australian forex broker will match you with up to $500. So for example if you deposited the minimum ($200) you could trade up to $100,000 on the currency markets ($200 *500).

In the example above, if the currency pairing moved 0.25% in your favour the total profit would be $100,000*0.0025 = $250. This essentially will have meant you have more than doubled your investment of $200 in that trade. On the flip side, if the currency pairing went in the opposite direction you would lose your whole deposit. Overall, high leverage means your increasing your overall risk profile so its critical that you understand the forex markets and gain some experience prior to utilising the maximum leverage available.

What Bonus Offer Is Available?

Pepperstone in the past has matched 100% of the first deposit up to $600 Australian Dollars in free brokerage.

For this past offer a minimum deposits of $200 Australia dollars must be initially made.
Other conditions include:
– The offer is only for new forex traders to Pepperstone
– The bonus expires after 60 days of opening an account
It’s critical to note that “free brokerage” is considered ‘commission free trading’ through a Pepperstone Edge account. We are unsure if this bonus is still available in 2016 so after joining online we recommend you contact customer service to make sure you are eligible for this offer.


More Details About Pepperstone

Unlike most other forex brokers, Pepperstone is Australia based (in Collins Street, Melbourne) by a management-team with currency trading experience. Founded in 2010, the company has always been ASIC regulated holding the Australian Financial Services Licence 414530. This means that they need to meet capital requirements, staff training, comply with risk management processes, audits and accounting. This ASIC regulation also means their client accounts are kept with Australian financial institutions which for Pepperstone is the National Australia Bank.